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"A New Beginning" by Booker Brown

Booker Brown's new CD "A New Beginning" is here. It includes the smash hits, "Love Is Blind (But The Neighbors Ain't)" and "Stir It Up". Go to the online store page to place your order, it's hot so get yours now!!!

A New Beginning - Booker Brown

Steel Groove Records Soulful Artist

Bio: Booker Brown is most certainly one of southern souls most hidden gems. Born Jan. 17, 1951 in Memphis Tennessee, raised by his mother Pauleen Brown in Helena Arkansas until her passing then returning to Memphis in his early teens to live with his father. Booker started singing at an early age, probably shortly after learning to talk. This is not surprising though, because his mother was a wonderful singer as well, singing in the church. She sang with numerous gospel singer's and groups. She also sang background with soul and blues artist such as The Staple Singers and Muddy Waters. At the age of six Booker began performing for live audiences at talent shows and in parades. While attending Humes Jr. high school, the same school Elvis attended, Booker won a very meaningful talent show because one of the judges was George Klien, the host of the TV show "Talent Party", and while he was warming up back stage the band from that show heard him and liked his singing so much they offered to play behind him. You may think that's no big deal but the band was an all white band and this was the mid sixties in the south. In the late sixties and early seventies he opened shows for many well known artist such as Johnnie Taylor, Tyrone Davis, Ben E. King, Sisero Blake, and Chuck Strong. He toured a short time with Latimore in the mid seventies. Booker's first record label was T.O.C records where he had regional success with the song "Good Old Southern Blues". Back in those day's he was known as Booker Blues Brown. He moved on to four other labels, Ichiban, QDP, MJ, and Blues River records where he dropped the blues from his name, but did not get the proper attention limiting his success. Now he has "A New Beginning" with Steel Groove Records, where he is getting the proper attention a recording artist needs to become known and appreciated throughout the world.